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so going without internet for almost a week gave me time to pile up sketches so here have a crapload of scribbles i did over the last two weeks to try and ease the pain in my chest after completing Abyss



Tales of Academia: Part 11

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Dissing Jade behind his back is the equivalent of summoning a level 100 boss that casts Indignation on you when you’re just a level 1 adventurer fresh out of his hometown. ╰(◎∆◎”)╯ー   “∂(OuO-)∂”„..  (_xmx)_


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Here have a passed out drunken Luke doodle. Just cuz.


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Fon Belt Construction Diagram - PS2 Perfect Guide

「ヴァンオンリーポスター」 / 「akio」

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Luke is out cold, enjoying the afternoon sun while using Guy’s lap as a pillow.

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Zelos isn’t one to organize any official documents or rites. He would always pass them off as formalities and leave them to the first sorry sap he’s able to find. This time was different, because it was a stance of peace and unification between the kingdoms of Tethe’alla and Kimlasca, and the two nations agreed to have negotiations done by their beacons of hope. He was insisted by the King to be their beacon, and there was no way he could talk himself out of this one because of how important this unification is.


He sat there, in the regal like room. Fancy decor, tons of servants, it was all too familiar to him. Sitting opposite him from the Drawing Room was a man with short hair and good build. Almost too good, but Zelos assumed he’s one of those douchebag types who goes to the gym just to get some dates in the club. Regardless, he finally sighed and begun the negotiations.


"So… Kid, we’re supposed to be these ‘beacons of hope’ or whatever our higher ups told us to do. You wanna just… Tell me which lands we can take and I’ll tell ya which ones you can take?"

Zelos was clearly bored about this, but he also wanted to make sure that his kingdom benefited the most out of this. After all, the more space the merrier!


It was completely bizarre. Tethe’alla, up until a few years past was just a myth. Something for kids to dream of to fill the sense of little wonder and excitement as the world around them die bit by bit, pieces by piece. But now, here he sits, in a neutral zone in Tethe’alla, surrounded by technologies Guy can only dreamed of. Luke nervously look around the in the room. Everything was so…. so over the top. Dark wood table that is intricate and painstakingly carved so the patterned flowers rose and curl around it’s leg up and around the edges. Silk covered chairs, gold candle holders, even the ink bottle that is sitting near him was decorated with precious gems. All in all, in his plain pants, and royal blue suit, Luke feels very much out of place.

Having been chosen as the ambassador for Kimlasca was not by chance. Uncle Ingobert was more than reluctant to send Natalia off, seeing that he had almost lost her during their final fight against Master Van. Luke, who was the leader of their ragtag group and also not a direct successor of throne, volunteered to go in Natalia’s place. It was one part wanting to spare Uncle the pain, another part wanting to get away from home. After when all is said and done, He, along side Natalia and Guy and force Asch to return home. And well, after the whole reunion thing happened, it was just weird being at home. For one, who should sleep in Luke’s bedroom? Asch insisted (complained) Luke should keep it because it has been years since he had used that room. Luke, on the other hand, feels like he doesn’t deserves that room anymore, not since Asch, the true Luke Fon Fabre had come back.  And it sort of just….. it was complicated, it was hard. And Luke, more than once, want to run away, to go live with Guy. But then one look from Mom and all thought of leaving vanished. He can’t leave Mom behind, he would break her heart.

Realizing he was getting off topic, he cleared his mind and focus on the red hair before him. Redhead, back at home, had meant royalty. No one had red hair unless they are a direct decedent of  the king’s blood. Everyone knew it, so to have a red head sitting in front of him, Luke can’t help but to wonder if he was some sort of nobility, or maybe possibly the next in line to succession until Luke spot the exsphere that was attached under his neck. Ah. So this was the Chosen of Tethel’alla? Luke had heard of Zelos Wilder. The man who helped the Hero Lloyd Irving reunited their two world back into one. Realizing how out of depth he was at this situation, Luke panics. Damn it all, if only Jade was here….

Luke was snapped out of his internal panic when Zelos spoke up. “U-um!” Luke can only sputter in reply as his mind was still reeling from his realization. Zelos. Wilder. Luke had always admire the man. He was good in politics, great with social interactions, and most of all, a world saving hero. While Luke did his grand adventure of his own, (Discovering Lorelei, being an replica, saving Kimlasca and Malkuth from Master Van’s grand replication plans,) he didn’t exactly save anyone. No, all he did was to put a stop to a possible threat. And well, Zelos was everything Luke had wish he was. Realizing he was making a fool out of himself, Luke cough a little to bring himself under control. He is doing this for Kimlasca. Uncle had instructed him on what land was to be permitted to be given and what land they are not giving up. Picking up the paper that Luke had in front of him, he hands it over to one of the servant waiting for him on the side, instructing her to bring it to Zelos’s side of the table so the chosen can look it over.

“Here is the list of things we have draw up in accordance with your request.” Luke said, steadying his voice so it’s more natural, relaxed. He can do this. For Uncle, for Natalia, for Kimlasca. Luke pointedly ignored the ‘kid’ comment. It was actually a little disappointing. Luke had envision the Chosen to be a little more friendly. But Zelos just sees dismissive, and a little impatient, but Luke didn’t miss the sharpness that was in the other man’s eyes. Calculating, like Anise when she is on a hunt for her rich husband. Damn it all. Really, why isn’t Jade here with him?

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